A Star in the Making...

As many of you know, Emily is definitely a star in the making! Her favorite singer is Hannah Montanah, but any will do for her, just as long as they sing. She knows all the words to Hannah Montnah's songs and sings them on a regular basis. In fact, she is constantly telling me that she wants a guitar and a microphone. She really does take after her Daddy!!!
We were making the bed, which always leads to jumping on the pillows, hence the pictures. And before you know it she had her Daddy's guitar trying to play and sing with it. She wasn't quite able to pick it up, so the playing the guitar part didn't work. But she just kept right on singing for Mommy! It is so precious to see her sit there singing! Especially when she starts singing "Jesus loves me"! How wonderful it is to hear your own child singing about Jesus loving them! Here's some pictures from her singing debut!


Michelle said...

I'm your biggest non-family fan, Emily! Rock on!