Summer is here!!!

Our family loves summertime! It means baseball games, swimming & long days! This past week we have brought summer in with a bang (or should I say slide!).
We have had so much fun! First we went to see Sam & John John (as Emily calls him) play a little softball. Emily loves going to see any sporting event - especially if she can hang out with Daddy! Here's a few pictures from the night.

The weekend was full of fun things. We did some shopping, had our friends The Davidson's over for BBQ on Saturday, and had some family time on Sunday afternoon. I think Steve's favorite part of the weekend was the 100 ft slip 'n' slide at Lindsey's going away party on Sunday night. Nothing says it's summertime more than breaking all your bones going down a hill on a 100ft slip 'n' slide. I think everyone had a lot of fun and luckily no one went to the emergency room! Thank you God!


Lindseyb said...

i love these pictures! miss yall so much!