my first cup of joe

While we were in Knoxville for Ma-maw's funeral we had one day that was free. So, we all slept in a little bit (because none of us had slept more than 3 hours the night before) and then were going to have a great big breakfast. Just when we started to cook the electricity went out. There were actually some pretty bad storms coming through and apparently it knocked the whole neighborhood out. You know sometimes God makes us stop and be still even when we don't want to!
Well, as all the adults are sitting there drinking our coffee and remembering Ma-maw, the kids start asking for their own cup of coffee. And because what Emily wants, Emily gets...she had her first cup of joe!
Of course I'm not a crazy lady - there was lots of milk and a little bit of sugar in there.
Emily thought she was so "big" because of that coffee. Now every morning she tells me that her milk is her coffee as we are on our way to school! She cracks me up with all the things that come out of her mouth!
So here's some pictures from that morning:


Anonymous said...

I let the girls have coffee. My mom actually started it. They like it with sugar and milk.