Belated 60th Birthday....

Someone in our family had a huge birthday in March!!! My mom turned 60 at the beginning of March and we had a pretty big shindig in her honor. Her whole family came into town for the weekend and we had lots of fun! The cake above was purchased at Puffy Muffin - which happens to be one of the best bakeries I have ever been to.

My cousin and her husband came into town and brought along their Wii. We had so much fun with it!!! I never knew my family was so competitive!!! My parents and my aunt had so much fun with it, they both ended up buying a Wii on that Sunday. In fact, the people at Nintendo should really be happy with my family - in all we purchased 3 during that weekend (parents, aunt, and sister).

While everyone played on the Wii, Emily and Kristin had lots of fun making Memaw a banner to say Happy Birthday!

Here's a picture of the whole family after dinner and cake!

Hope you had a great birthday Mom!