Day at the Farm...

While we were visiting my sister this past weekend, her sweet boss let us stop by her house to check out all of her animals. And man did she have some animals!!!! She had chickens, donkeys, sheep, cows, horses, and a pig that thinks he's a cow. Emily loved seeing all of the animals so much! We walked around a tried to get all the animals to come over to us.
There was a new calf named Brown Sugar (pictured above, along with part of my finger), she was so cute. Emily has always been really curious about cows, wondering if they bite or not, where they sleep when it gets dark, what they eat, etc. It was really neat to be able to watch her get to pet a real, life cow. Here's a few photos:

Okay, I had to share this picture with you. It makes me laugh outloud!!! Emily is so hilarious - she apparently takes after her mom and dad and thinks she's a celebrity or something. Everytime I get the camera out, she so starts posing. And this is her favorite pose! She also throws her index finger up in the air like a peace sign! Wow! We are definitely in trouble once she hits her teenage years!


Michelle said...

Emily is hilarious! But how does a pig think it's a cow??