Little Drummer Girl...

I only have a second to download these pictures, so it's going to be a short blog. I just love these! Emily loves, loves, loves music! Which makes Steve and I so happy, since music and dancing are what brought us together. If you don't know the story about how we met, you'll have to ask us about it!
We were at my sister's in-laws for Easter and Emily found a set of drums to play. She thought she was auditioning for Barlow Girl!
I think I know what Santa is going to be bringing Emily for Christmas! Maybe she can be the next Christian singing sensation!


Jay, Christi and Andrew said...

So cute! Andrew also loves music! Maybe they could form a band together!

Michelle said...

Can Carah and Cate join too? They adore Barlow Girl. Maybe Emily can play drums, Carah on vocals and Cate playing guitar or piano.