Being a Big Sister...

I was pretty nervous about how Emily would do with me having to give my attention to someone other than her, but she has been a fantastic big sister. She absolutely loves her "sissy"! And I love the fact that she calls Elaina her sissy. I used to call my sister that and it brings a smile to my face to think Emily is going to have a sister bond with Elaina, like I did (and still do) with Candy.
I'm breastfeeding but Emily was dying to feed Elaina a bottle, so I let her feed Elaina some water. Elaina liked it and Emily loved being able to give a bottle to Elaina. Emily's reaction to me breastfeeding was hilarious! She looked at me with pure disgust and said "That's gross." I couldn't help but laugh!
This picture is so sweet to me! I love the fact that Emily was feeding her baby while aunt Candy fed Elaina.