More Visitors...

I told you we had so many visitors that I couldn't put them all in one post. It definitely reminds Steve and I just how blessed we are! A lot of my pictures from the hospital ended up blurry, so I can't download those, but we also had lots of visitors once we were home. Several of our friends from church brought us dinner that first week, thank goodness! I don't think I would have been able to cook that week! Lisa Baker brought dinner over on Sunday and brought Makayla and the Hines twins with her. We finally know how to tell the twins apart - which is so exciting because I never know which one I'm talking to! I think that's part of the reason God has not blessed me with twins - I'm not observant enough to be able to tell them apart! Then on Tuesday Michelle brought the girls over because they were dying to meet Elaina. Although, I think they were more excited to play with Emily. Caleb was a little jealous of Michelle holding Elaina. We've had lots more visitors, but some how I can't find the pictures. I'll update more once I find them.