She's not my baby anymore...

Emily has definitely seemed more grown up to me since Elaina has made her arrival. It's amazing to me how even her hands seem bigger to me now that there's little baby hands around here.
Last summer, we started having some behavior issues out of Emily. Not anything major, just a little talking back, and some smaller issues like that. So, I was watching Super Nanny one night, and saw how she used the marble jar. It seemed like a good plan, so I sat Emily down and told her we were going to start using the marble jar concept. I asked her what she wanted to do once she got her jar full of marbles and her reply was a very excited - "GET MY EARS PIERCED!!!" So, she worked really hard and filled her marble jar. We kept putting it off because I wasn't ready for anything extra while I was pregnant.
So, while Steve was off we decided to break down and let her get her ears pierced. I can't believe my little baby has grown up so much!!!
She was so brave! She had a couple of tears but nothing major! She loves them!