Why I've been lacking in the blog area...

So, at first I was lacking because I was getting adjusted to a 2nd baby. But now there's so many more reasons it might get sporadic on the blogging front.
On the 20th, Emily, Elaina, and I left the house around 10 am for a full day of running around. We had Elaina's 2 week check up, I had to stop by work, we went to lunch with friends, and then that evening I had a pre-sale for a consignment sale. It was a fantastic day, that is until about 10 pm. I'm still in line at the consignment sale and Steve calls. He has just gotten home and says our house is flooded. I thought he was crying wolf, but then I heard the smoke detectors in the background and then I noticed the sheer panic in his voice.
I rush to my parent's house to get the girls and head home. Can I just say for once in Steve's live he was not exaggerating! Apparently, Emily had clogged the toilet before we left and the toilet was running for 12 hours straight. The entire house was flooded, except the kitchen. I was in shock at the amount of water in our house!
We called the insurance company - by the way, don't ever let your homeowners insurance lapse!!! They sent out ServPro to dry everything out. They came in and pretty much demo'd my house in 30 minutes! Dry wall, carpet, vinyl, toilets, and the list continues. I think I cried pretty much the entire weekend!
We have now met with the adjuster and feel much better. Our dear friend Jason is going to be the contractor and has already started getting the ball rolling. It looks like we are going to be living with Steve's parents for about a month or a little more.
Here's what it looked like when ServPro was finished with the drying out, just to give you an idea:
This is my laundry room. The washer and dryer are now in my garage. And there's actually a little section in the dry wall that is open to the garage and there's a section open to the section underneath my stairs, which is open to the crawl space.
This is our Master Bath Floor, you can see where the water stopped.
These pictures are of my closet. Yes, all my clothes and shoes were damaged. They are trying to salvage the clothes, but they don't know if they are going to be able to do anything for my shoes!

This is from our bedroom looking into the living room.

This is the ceiling in the downstairs hallway.

This is the top of our stairs. And the hallway upstairs.

This is the bathroom where it all started.

And this is the Bonus Room. There was even more damage in the garage, but I didn't get pictures of it for some reason.
Fortunately, none of our furniture was hit! And I keep all of our important papers and all of my scrapbooking and pictures in my closet! God was really looking out for us by not letting any of it get wet!