is my best friend! When we moved back into the house, we had to put basically everything back into closets and into our rooms. So I took the opportunity to purge and organize while I was at it. I mean, there's no reason to put something back into a closet or drawer if you are not going to use it again. So, last weekend was all about keep, sale, or trash. I think I've watched one too many episodes of Clean House. I even had a bin for each, but at least I didn't have flower in my hair like Nissy Nash! (Only true Clean House fans are going to know what I'm talking about) I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I'm planning on it. 8 hours later and 5 large trash bags full, the house is almost completely organized! There's actually room in Emily's toy box for more toys! I have started 2 new rules at the house: 1. if a new toy comes home, an old toy has to be given to charity 2. before you can get a toy out to play, you have to put the previous toy up. And I think for her birthday we are going to ask for donations to the church's children's ministry instead of toys. She has WAY too many toys!!! I said the house was almost completely organized because I still have a few things I want to do. Like my closet - you see, I still don't have my clothes back from the water damage, so I'm waiting to do it once I get those back. And my project for this weekend is my scrapbooking stuff. I want to take it out of my closet and put it in the Bonus Room since I have room in that closet now. And maybe if it is more organized and in a place I can get to it better, I will actually scrap more. I have even made a wish list room by room for the house of stuff that I would like to eventually buy to help life around the house. With a husband who works 60-70 hours a week, me working 40 hours a week, 3 dogs, 2 daughters, and a crazy social schedule, I'm trying to simplify our life. In fact, Steve and I both are on the simplify bandwagon. So, I'm starting to make a meal plan every two weeks, clipping coupons, and doing everything possible to simplify our life and our budget. In fact, I suggested to Steve we should get rid of his car, because honestly we don't need it. He rides to work with his dad pretty much every day. It might make things a little bit more difficult but in the long run I feel like it would be worth it. He didn't go for it, but I'm still working on him! With this new, simple lifestyle I need some accountability. Steve and I have always been a couple who would rather go out to eat every night and if we want something we just go buy it. But with the new mouth to feed and of course all the talk about the economy (Steve is in sales and my company is a staffing agency, so the economy could affect our jobs, hence our budget, drastically), we have to cut some of those luxuries out. That's where you come into the plan. I'm going to start using my blog as an accountability avenue. My plan is to start posting the different things we do to help us with our simple lifestyle that we are choosing. Whether it be a great deal that I found or a great meal that I've made. Don't worry, I'm not going to be going to extremes at this point. I don't think I can keep up with the CVS stuff like others have. I'm just trying to come up with little ideas that will help us out. I will also share different websites that I find useful for things like organization, menu ideas, and fun things to do with the kids. Like for instance, last night it was just Steve and I for dinner. I made an awesome recipe that I picked up at Publix. If you have a Publix around you, I'm totally jealous! They have this great section near the produce. You can pick up a recipe card and they have all the ingredients right there, so you don't have to look around the entire store for them. And they normally have someone cooking the food, so you can sample it. So last night, I made Sicilian Steak and Strawberry Poppyseed Salad. It was incredible! And it cost roughly $15 for the whole thing, which makes the meal roughly $5 per person (we had enough left over for another person). I didn't take a picture of the steak because it wasn't very pretty, but this is the salad:

It was delicious! In fact Steve said it was the best thing I've made in a long time.

I'm sorry this has been such a long post. I wasn not planning it to be this long. Next week, be looking for before and after pictures of all the scrapbook stuff and more pictures of the yummy food I'm going to cook!

By the way, the simple life plan is working. Our family has sat down to eat dinner together at the table 2 nights in a row. Which never happens because of our crazy schedule. Normally, it is just Emily and I.


Michelle said...

I love organizing! It's so freeing! BTW, I am a huge Nicey Nash fan! Mayhem & foolishness!