Birthday Celebration...

A couple of weeks back was my mom's birthday, so we went and stayed the weekend with her. My aunt and cousin came into town, and my sister was at mom's too. So, it was a fun weekend filled with shopping, eating, laughing, and walking down memory lane. We ate dinner at Sperry's in Franklin. That's one of mom and dad's favorite places to eat. Which I can understand why, the steak was so tender you didn't even need a knife to cut it. After dinner, we all changed into our stretchy pants and had GiGi cupcakes and opened presents. This is what my sweet friend LeAnn has to say about GiGi's cupcakes: http://morethanwecouldaskorimagine.blogspot.com/2009/02/heavento-me.html
And she is absolutely correct! I so should have taken a picture of the cupcakes, but I forgot. You all know that I love me some sweet stuff - especially cake - but I couldn't eat a whole one by myself! They were huge!
My mom got lots of great things for her birthday. Probably my favorite was her 1 1/2 hour pedicure gift card my dad got her! My dad is so cute. He gave my aunt and my sister a certain amount of money and asked them to pick it all out, because he says they know what to get her better and probably the fact that he can't see right now because of all the issues with his eyes right now. The cute thing about is that he has been stashing money away here and there so that my mom wouldn't know how much he spent.

This was the first time my aunt, Bonnie Jo, and her daughter, Tara, had met Elaina. So, needless to say Elaina was spoiled by the time the weekend was over. Not only did she not want to be put down, but she came home with a whole new wardrobe! Bonnie Jo has always been so great to Candy and I. And she has continued with our children! She brought Elaina a hand sewn quilt from the rodeo in San Antonio. It is GORGEOUS!!! It is the one Elaina is laying on in the picture in my last post. I'll have more pictures shortly.

The next day, we did lots of shopping and hanging out. That's really all we do when Bonnie Jo comes to town - shop & eat. But, man, we found some deals! Bonnie Jo brings out the bargain shopper in me. Then we had a fun dinner. We all made our own personal pizzas and for dessert we had chocolate fondue. It was so much fun and Emily had a blast! I don't think she stopped talking until about midnight that night thanks to all the sugar and caffine!

At one point she even had it in her eye brows! And isn't it appropriate that she has her shirt on that reads "i want candy"!!!

I think Elaina was a little jealous that Emily was able to eat all that chocolate - this is the face she was making all night.