Prayer Request...

Okay, so my dad would probably kill me for doing this. But I'm going to anyways. It's not that he doesn't believe in prayer, or that he doesn't want anyone praying for him, but I think he would kill me because he doesn't want to admit it is this bad.
You see, my dad has had a degenerative eye disease since he was a boy (I think he was in the 1st grade). And it has progressively gotten worse. So last summer he decided to bite the bullet and have cornea transplant surgery.
Little did he know that the eye drops he had to use after the surgery can cause cataracts to increase. So, his eye sight went from about 20/60 to 20/800 in 2 months. Needless to say it stinks to not be able to see!
The thing that breaks my heart is Emily used to go stay with him on Thursdays (his day off) and they would spend the whole day just the two of them. She has done this from the time she was 3 weeks old. And they have such a special bond because of it. The other day she asked him when was it going to be just the two of them on their day because she was ready to spend the day with just him. You see, he can't keep her by himself right now because he can't see to do a lot of the stuff you have to do when you have a 4 year old around.
And to continue the breaking of my heart, while we were at mom's birthday celebration I tried to let him feed Elaina. But he couldn't see to keep the bottle in her mouth. He got frustrated and just gave her back to me. It kills me to think that he hasn't been able to really see his grand daughter yet.
Okay, so the reason for the prayer request is to pray for another upcoming surgery. His original eye surgeon was Dr. Wang. If you live in Middle TN, I know you have heard of him. He's the one with the ball room dancing on his commercial. Okay, so Dr. Wang has said dad should wait until his transplant is healed, which would be sometime around August '09. And the cataract specialist in Dr. Wang's office agreed. Apparently, the cataract surgery can put pressure on the transplant and possibly cause the new cornea to come apart from the eye. Well, dad is desperate to see again and found a doctor that will do the surgery and has decided to take the chance.
So, my prayer request is for the surgery to go well and the transplant to stay intact. And if not, that Dad will be okay.