Hanging Out...

Here's a few pictures from this weekend. I was busy doing more organization, Emily was playing in her room, and Elaina was hanging out in her Boppy seat. Elaina is definitely more alert than ever and is starting to "talk" to us. She was smiling and cooing, so I tried to get pictures of it, but they don't show how much she was smiling!
Still haven't completed all the reorganizing, so no pictures yet of everything I've done. This past weekend, I worked on my scrapbooking stuff. I've set up shop in the bonus room, so now I can spend time with the family and be creative at the same time. I do have a new toy to help with all the organizing. I'm so excited to labeling everything!

Here's a picture from dinner last night. Steve didn't think he was going to like it, but he LOVED it. It's cheese stuffed jumbo shells. It made a ton. In fact, I had to put in two dishes. The whole cooking at home and not eating out as much has really been working good for us. We've only eaten out once in 1 1/2 weeks. Which is amazing for us - we are normally a 3-5 times per week family. I've been packing my lunch with all the good leftovers and only eating out once a week. (I would go crazy if I ate at my desk 5 days a week, sometimes I just have to get out of the office!) That alone will save us at least $50 per week, which is $2600 per year!!!

Some of you out there may not know this about me, but chicken on the bone pretty much grosses me out. I can handle poop & throw up all day long, but something about chicken meat and all the grissly grossness I can't handle. So, be very proud of me - I roasted a whole chicken on Saturday. Which isn't a big deal I do that quite a bit because it's pretty easy. But then last night, I took it out and cut all the meat off of the bone in order to use it in other things. I was gagging the whole time!


Maria said...

We must be twins. I cannot STAND chicken on the bone. GAG. The shells look great!!